Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blown out

There's not much to say after a performance like the one we just witnessed.

Getting absolutely embarrassed against a Penn State team that is the worst team in the Big Ten is just unacceptable for Matt Painter and Purdue. Anybody that says this Nittany Lion team is a good one is flat out lying.

Purdue didn't come out ready to play and it paid the price.

Because it wasn't ready to play, Purdue scored a season low 18 points in the first half and was down 14 by halftime.

It tried to mount a comeback, coming out of the half with more energy and determination, but when it cut the lead down to four, 36-32, Terone Johnson's offensive foul and missed three-pointer sealed Purdue's fate.

Instead of fighting back and battling every possession, Purdue, from then on, got blown out of the building.

Some thoughts:

-Lewis Jackson was a complete no-show tonight. He has to be hurting more than what is being reported because he didn't do anything. At the beginning of the season he was on fire, running the offense effectively and really posing a threat offensively, but recently he has just fallen off tremendously in production for this team. He has to be around 60% health wise.

-Ryne Smith couldn't hit anything. He had quite a few looks that he usually knocks down. Tonight he wasn't hitting and it was a huge hit to Purdue's production offensively.

-Terone Johnson probably played his worst game as a Boiler. The two mistakes he made in the second half spurted the run by Penn State and he was really sloppy with ball, turning it over numerous times.

-Jacob Lawson looked completely lost out there. He had several chances to corral rebounds and just didn't get them.

-It has been stated often by Purdue fans that when we face a zone, we struggle. There seems to be no movement and when we aren't hitting our perimeter shots, we look terrible. You have to attack a zone, you can't just sit around the perimeter hoping shots will go in.

-Defensively there's not a lot to say. We let Billy Oliver hit 7-of-11 three-pointers.


-There weren't many, but D.J. really played his heart out. Not only was he knocking down threes, but he was hustling. His improved play these last couple games is great to see and hopefully he will get some more playing time because of it.

This was a shocking loss for so many reasons. It's tough to win on the road, but really, is this even considered a road game? The atmosphere is terrible at Penn State and there is basically no one in the stands. Not an advantage if you ask me.

Don't want to seem too negative here, but it's hard not to be when Purdue plays so poorly. It's not the end of the world, however, no matter how tough this loss is to swallow.

Purdue faces Minnesota on Sunday and if it wants to get into the NCAA tournament, it needs to come out ready to play and play Purdue basketball.

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