Friday, May 18, 2012

Recruiting hiatus concerns fans

Purdue hasn't signed a recruit - or for that matter had a verbal commitment - since A.J. Hammons on October 14, 2011.

Recently, with several commitments all but a done deal according to sources, none have actually followed through.

Dating back to the twitter fiasco with Vincent Edwards, on to the mystery of Trency Jackson, proceeded by the offer that never was with Michigan commit Caris LeVert and finally with the MAC player turned 5-star in a week's time because the big blue came calling.

All of which Purdue - for whatever reason - couldn't close the deal. Now fans are suddenly on their knees begging for a commitment from any player that lists an interest in Purdue. Sure, some of the begging comes with  good reason, as Purdue has had trouble securing top talent in recruiting battles with other big-time schools. It seems fans are afraid to go down the paths of Dawson, Willis and Harris again. Instead, they are content with any commit joining Matt Painter's squad.

In the past week, Nic Moore, who was recently granted release to transfer from Illinois State, has surfaced as a player interested in Purdue, and reportedly there is some interest from Purdue as well. And because of this, fans are calling for Moore to come play in Mackey Arena.

But is he really a good fit? Wherever Moore goes he will have to sit out an entire year, then will have three years left to play. That would bring the point guard/shooting guard in with the 2013 class. By that time, Ronnie Johnson would have an entire year under his belt, shooting guard Bryson Scott - who can play the point - will be a freshman, but certainly a talent that can produce from day 1, along with senior Terone Johnson who can also run the point. It has been reported that Moore could play shooting guard as well, but do you really want a five-foot-nine shooting guard?

In today's competitiveness of college basketball the pressure to perform right now is often stated. Take players when you can get them, as verbal commitments and even players on the current roster are not guaranteed to arrive or stay on campus in the future.

This is all true, but in my opinion Purdue should wait and get a guard in '14 or '15. If Nic Moore was a one year option, I would already have my seat belt fastened on the bus, but he's not.

Also that's one more guard playing in front of a Hyron Edwards or Jordan Ash. That can't help with their recruitment. I think these two players, although extremely young, would benefit Purdue more in the long run, and if Purdue gives Nic Moore a scholarship, it would only hinder the possibility of Purdue landing one of them. Sure, it hurts to loose some of the great players Purdue has been after to other schools, but in order to become a premiere basketball program - something that fans think is possible - and recruit top talent, it's not always going to be easy, and it's going to take time.